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Windows XP Tweaks will make Windows XP more responsive and less irritating by performing the following system tweaks:

  • Loads the kernel (Windows XP system core) into physical memory instead of virtual memory - Note: Physical memory (RAM) is many times faster then virtual memory.
  • Forces Windows XP to use more physical memory
  • Disables the Indexing service – Improves Windows XP performance
  • Disables the Messenger service – Removes annoying messenger popup advertisements

Windows XP Tweaks performs all tweaks automatically when you install the program.  No additional steps are required.

Once Windows XP Tweaks is installed, you can test the results by restarting your computer and launching a program that usually takes a long time to load.  Once the program is loaded, close and re-open it.  You should notice a boost in speed the second time the program is opened. 

Windows XP Tweaks is not recommended if you are running either SQL Server or Internet Information Server (IIS).  If you are not sure chances are you are not running them.

Download Windows XP Tweaks

System Requirements:

Windows XP
256 MB of Memory

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